2021 Makeup Up Trends

and we are back… to mark the start of my return to blogging I thought it would be fun to try out some of 2021’s biggest makeup trends so far! From a bold lip to graphic liner, its time to start experimenting with makeup and get stuck into it!

To find these trends I have been searching social media, reading Cosmopolitan , Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire articles to find the latest trends which the makeup industry is currently obsessed with. Plus I’m currently watching Glow Up which has definitely motivated me too start experimenting with my makeup all over again.

Multicolour Eyes

First we have multicoloured eyes, this a trend based around adding multiple eyeshadow shades to your eyes to create a bright and colourful eye looks to make your eyes pop! To create this look I have used my Morhpe colour burst palette. As this was my first time trying out this style the eyeshadow is not as bold as I would of wanted but hopefully once I try out some different shades it will look a lot brighter and the colours will stand out more.

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is something I have always loved to look at when makeup artists create it and after seeing so many instagram posts I thought it was about time I gave it a go. I have to admit I fell in love instantly, using graphic liner increased my confidence massively. Who knew makeup to could have such an impact! To create this look I have used my Morhpe colour burst palette. And a holographic shimmer eyeshadow which I got from Topshop a few years ago.

Electric Blue Eye Liner

Blue is my all time favourite colour so I simply had to try this trend and oh my god if you haven’t tried it you definitely should. For days where I don’t want a full eyeshadow look coloured liner is a game changer. Just adding a little pop of colour can really change your look in such a simple way. To do this I’ve just been using any of my eyeshadows to create this look.

Bold Lip

Ok so now lipstick. Over the past year and half lipstick has mainly been a no go due to wearing a face mask but lately I’ve started to bring the lipsticks back especially the burgundy to create a bold lip to accompany a simple eye makeup.

So that is four 2021 makeup trends which I tested and I am definitely going to start adding these looks into my day to day makeup.

Which of these trends will you try or have already tried?

Follow me on Instagram @beingbeth_ to see how I’m adding these looks into my day to day makeup

Beth x

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