Getting Back into Exercise – A Honest Review

After months of not exercising and spending days sat at my desk working all day I thought its about time I got active again and shared with you my first week of getting back into exercise. Carry on reading if your interested in all the good and bad points of the week!

Also just a little point to add, I am exercising with the goal of getting healthier, fitter and stronger as well as helping my mental health which I’ve found at the moment is a bit of a roller-coaster but that’s a massive topic to share in a different post, keep an eye out for that at the start of may! I am not attempting to lose weight at all and my eating I am pretty much keeping the same apart from snacking a little less and making sure I eat 3 meals a day (I usually miss out breakfast).

I am posting this as my own experience of a first week back exercising, I want to give a honest review of the week with all the ups and downs as I know it’s so easy to read posts like this and comparing your own lifestyle to others so if this is something you struggle with, remember you are amazing and everyone has different experiences especially with exercise and that’s ok!

So day 1 went better than I expected I plucked up the courage to go for a 2.58 mile run and honestly it was extremely difficult after not running since January, I spent a lot of the time walking and catching my breath. I have to admit halfway through I was ready to quit but I kept going and managed to do the full 2.58 miles plus its never helpful that I have two big hills to run up. Fingers crossed day 2 will be easier!

Now it’s day 2, which meant another 2.58 mile run in the morning and honestly I could already notice a difference, I knocked 2 minutes off by time from Monday, I ran more and I was able to catch my breath and recover much quicker. So I’d say it was a success! At this point I started to think maybe I could keep this up and make running a regular thing again.

After the much needed rest day on Wednesday, it was time for another run but I really struggled it felt like I barely ran at all and it felt nothing like Tuesday’s run which personally made me feel so demotivated and overall not feeling good at all. However, once I got home and checked by stats on my apple watch I was slightly quicker than Tuesday’s run which was such a shock and unexpected. At this point I realised how much of an impact my thoughts can have on my outlook, which is something I’m determined to change. I have a habit of having no confidence and always doubting my own abilities and this run really put things in perspective for me. The funniest thing that happened on this run for me however was another runner which I passed mentioned I apparently make running look easy – little do they know I had only started running again once I got round the corner.

I decided that Friday would be my last day of exercise until my early morning run on Monday just so that I could have a bit more of a break however I’m currently writing this part of the post on Sunday and I have to say I really wanted to go for another run although I didn’t due to university meetings so I guess that’s a good sign right?

Fridays run was mainly me attempting to see in the pouring rain as well as not getting splashed by cars along the way. Little side note if you go running in the rain don’t forget to make sure you removed your mascara off properly the night before! Overall my run was really good and I’m completely shocked I actually managed to do four 2.58 mile runs this week, I know to others that probably won’t seem a lot but I have to say I’m proud of myself and I’m determined to keep it up.

So that’s my overview of my first week back at exercising, I won’t lie it was tough and forcing myself to get out of bed to go run was never easy. However it was really worth it, I’ve noticed my mental health this week has been a lot more manageable and I’m more motivated to work and get stuff done. If your reading this just remember take it at your own pace and don’t rush yourself over time you will see improvements and some days they might be no improvements and that’s ok!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon

Beth x

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