January 2021 Favourites

Over January there has been so many things which I have enjoyed trying out, watching, listening to and of course my favourite fashion purchases! Over January I have attempted to give myself more time to do stuff for myself which is not studying (I definitely needed the break) So I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the past month.

Beauty Favourites

Bed Head Ego Boost

Hair products are something which I always struggle to buy as I never know what I need, my mum picked up this product when she was at B&M and I have to say I have loved using it over the past month. I usually have my hair cut short but I’ve came to the decision I want to grow it longer, this is something which my hair isn’t great at doing especially with my hair dyed. Split ends can be a nightmare and make my hair look terrible but ever since I’ve started using this product I’ve seen a massive improvement in the condition of my hair! Plus another bonus you can’t beat the smell of Bed Head products!

Makeup storage

For the last few years I’ve been constantly trying to find ways to organise my makeup as I have way to much and now with a curious little brother, who uses my makeup to pretend to cook pizzas, the eyeshadows and lipsticks are never safe! For Christmas, I received a makeup organiser bag and honestly I can’t believe it has took me this long to get one it’s the perfect way to keep all my makeup in one place and also big enough to store the majority of my makeup palettes. If your looking for a makeup organiser I’d definitely recommend a bag like this it is the perfect size and is so much neater than having makeup all over the place.

Garnier ultimate blends Hair food – 3-in-1 hair mask

Another hair product I’ve been loving this month, so much that I have now completely finished the tub! This product smells incredible and it is so versatile you can use a hair mask or a conditioner. I personally like to use as a conditioner and then maybe once a week leave it in for a bit longer to use as a hair mask. My hair has been so soft and smooth so I definitely will be looking at repurchasing as it has made a huge difference.

Fashion Favourites

NastyGal Crossbody Bag

Nasty gal bag

I’m never usually someone who buys lots of bags especially as I never really have anywhere to go with a bag as my life consists of pretty much just university and working. However after a late night look on Nasty Gal I came across this bag and fell in love. It was an immediate purchase, I loved the thicker strap which I find really comfortable to wear and also the quality of the bag, it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was so this will be used for years especially as it’s the perfect colour to go with most outfits. No where to go at the moment wearing this bag but I can’t wait to wear it out in the future!

Chocolate Brown Collar Midi Dress


This dress is an item I am extremely shocked I even bought, it was completely out of my comfort zone, tight dresses are the one clothing item I usually avoid whenever I’m shopping as they tend to cling to everywhere on your body even the places you aren’t necessarily happy with. However I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I absolutely love this dress so easy to style and I actually feel confident in it!

TV Favourites


Would it even be a list of January 2021 favourites if the word Bridgerton wasn’t included. I can probably imagine that most of you reading this have seen the highly talked about Bridgerton. I love a period drama so having this new addition to Netflix definitely meant it would be getting binged watched over a couple of days. I have to admit I wouldn’t say its the best period drama I’ve ever watched but I can’t wait for it to return for a second season!

The Mandalorian

I’m not sure if this counts as a January favourite as I can’t remember when I actually managed to watch it, the months have all been blurring into one. However ever since the Mandolorian appeared on Disney+ I have been hooked completely, patiently waiting for the second season and it did not disappoint. I think I’d definitely say the second season is my favourite so far.

Most of you probably haven’t guessed from my content so far but I love all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Doctor Who everything so yeah that’s probably something you didn’t know about me!

Music Favourites

Taylor Swift – Evermore

As for my music favourites this album has to be my most listened to album of the month which has constantly been on repeat. For years I have loved Taylor Swift and as soon as I listened to this album I knew this was a collection of songs which I will still listen to in years to come. Favourite song from the album has to be ’tis the damn season’ or ‘Long story short’. I’d definitely recommend the album.

So that completes my January 2021 Favourites I have loved looking back on the past month and finding things which I have enjoyed especially with everything going on in the world it is so nice to just focus on the positives.

What are your favourites things from January?

I hope you have a lovely rest of your week

Beth x

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