Guest Post: My Top 5 Makeup Products – Hollie Edmeades

Hollie Edmeades

First a little introduction from me: This is a post I’ve been very excited to be able to share with you. Over the past two weeks, I have been working with Hollie Edmeades who also like me as a Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty Blog (see it here). We have worked together to create a guest blog post for each other’s blogs – make sure to head over to her blog to see my new post! I hope you love and enjoy reading this post!

Beth x

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This was probably the best product I bought last year and it totally changed the way I use my foundation. The Hollywood Flawless Filter is now my main all-over base product and I only add half a pump of foundation on the centre of my face for some coverage where I want it. It’s glowy and dewy and evens out my skin tone without covering it up. The only slight downside is that it doesn’t hide my pores but I’ve kind of embraced the fact that my skin has pores! If you’ve read my 2020 Favourites post (which you can read here, hint hint) you’ll know that I 100% think this is worth the somewhat hefty price tag for me.

Glossier Cloud Paint

I definitely dip in and out of phases using these, but I never fall out of love with them. I go into more depth on the cloud paints in my Glossier Haul and Review post, but long story short they are absolutely worth the hype. The main thing I love about these is the perfect balance of how easily they blend out but that the pigment doesn’t blend away into nothing. They’re super versatile, working on both a natural makeup day and when I’m doing a full face. I have three shades and I really enjoy mixing them to create the perfect flush of colour I want that day.

Essence Lash Princess

I can be quite picky with mascaras so I’ve tried out quite a few. I’ve tried cheap ones and expensive ones but my ‘old reliable’ is Essence’s Lash Princess. Mascara is one of the most temporary makeup products in your makeup bag, you should throw it away after 6 months (I’m absolutely guilty of not doing this) so dropping £25 on a mascara pains my soul. Every now and then I might treat myself to an expensive mascara but whenever I’m tempted to make an impulse buy I always stop myself and repeat the mantra “Lash Princess exists, put down the credit card”. It costs under £4 and it’s a fab mascara, but more importantly it’s always there for me when I start to feel weak, I love you lash princess ❤

NYX Epic Ink Liner

I have very few ‘forever’ products, the products that make you never want to try anything else because they’re just that good, but the NYX Epic Ink Liner is my forever liquid liner. This is hands down the best liquid liner I have ever used and currently there’s nothing out there that makes me want to try out something else. It’s the blackest black, it glides on so smoothly and the brush tip applicator is a dream to work with. I also bought it in Brown at the tail end of last year and I use it all the time, it’s perfect for when I want to accentuate my eyes but my eye makeup isn’t dark enough for a black wing. I repurchase this one every time it runs out.

VIEVE Modern Matte Lipstick

The VIEVE Modern Matte lipsticks are my new favourite matte lipstick formula. I have two of the 5 shades currently available, Vieve and Power Suit, and they are both super comfortable and such amazing shades. Vieve is a super pale nude and Power Suit the most perfect rusty orangey brown. The formula is the real star here as it treads the line perfectly between the matte look and comfortable wear. I go into more detail on VIEVE in my post here (spoiler alert: I love it all) and I think these might be my favourite product from the line so far.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m really glad to have been able to do this with Beth. Neither of us have done anything like this before and since we’ve got chatting we’ve worked out that we actually have a lot in common! I also write and post about beauty and fashion as well as a few random bits like TV and podcasts, so if you like her blog and Instagram you’ll probably like mine too, give me a follow if you fancy.

Make sure to visit Hollie’s Instagram and blog here:

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