What’s in my uni bag?

As a commuting student I have to plan everything in my bag in advance as its an hours drive home so if I forget anything it is impossible to go get it. So I thought I’d share what I take in my bag.

Fjallraven Kanken – So first of all I have this backpack in black to carry everything I need whilst at university as it is the perfect size and can hold everything I need and is very durable. This was £80 I believe but I managed to use a student discount to get it a little bit cheaper. I had this bag in first year as well and it’s still in good condition so it should last till many years. See here

Lenovo Yoga 720 – The most important item in my bag has to be my laptop especially as I study a computing course all work is on my laptop if I didn’t have it with me I would not be able to attend my lectures. I use the Lenovo Yoga 720 some of you may have noticed that I also have a MacBook Pro this is because my parents are separated so one year they ended up both getting me a laptop for Christmas which I am extremely grateful for! When it comes to a computing course there can be some complications regrading installing new software as its different depending on your operating system this is why I decided to take my Windows machine and use this as my university laptop. Windows is the most common operating system which is used at university therefore it was easier to take this laptop plus its smaller and lighter than my Mac.

Laptop Charger – This is essential the amount of times I’ve left my charger at home without realising and was unable to charge my laptop. Especially as I commute I need to make sure my laptop can stay charged the whole day that I’m there which is now 10-6 on a Monday.

Laptop Case – Mine is just one off of amazon which keeps my laptop safe and scratch free when I put it in my bag.

Phone Charger – The last thing you want is your phone to die halfway through the day so always have one just in case.

Notepad – This is pretty obvious but just some sort of paper to take notes on during a lecture or if you prefer you can also type notes instead. I personally prefer writing brief notes up in class and then write up properly after as a review.

Planner – I always carry a planner with me to note down any key information I need to remember for certain dates I got mine from WHSmith and its perfect for the amount I need to use it.

Lanyard – This is important as otherwise I can’t get into university so definitely need to remember this in my bag.

Glasses – My glasses are kind of hard for me to forget as I need them to drive and sometimes in lectures so I always have these in my bag.

Purse – I always carry this to pay for car parking and generally if I need to buy anything from shops or go get petrol.

Air Pods – Earphones are a must have especially with online lectures I connect my Air Pods to my laptop so I would say some sort of earphones are one of the most important things to remember to take. Plus for generally listening to music between lectures.

Pencil case – This just includes any stationary I might need such as pens, coloured pens, highlighters and pencils. I also carry a small memory stick with me as well just in case its needed.

Hard drive – I carry a hard drive with me in my bag a lot of the time but mainly closer to the time when I’m doing assignments just so I have a backup for all my documents as well as either saving them on OneDrive or iCloud as the last thing you want is to lose your documents so backing up is important. Alternatively you can use a USB if you don’t want to use a hard drive.

Water bottle – I use my Chilly’s water bottle as it saves me having to buy plastic bottles as it is reusable and will keep my water cold all day and I can just refill at university if I need to. See here

Bits and bobs – Lip balm, hair bobble, hand sanitiser, face mask, tablets and my car key (essential if I actually want to get to university so luckily its impossible to forget)

After writing this post I never realised how much I actually carry into university! These are all the things I need to take with me to make sure I am prepared for the day. Obviously depending on your course it changes what you need to take so as a computing student these are my essential items.

What’s your most important item to take?

Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe or if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer. To get in contact with me either email me or follow my Instagram @beingbeth_. I hope you have a lovely start to a new week and I will see you next Sunday for another post.

Beth x

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