July Clothing Haul

It has been just over a month since my lockdown clothing haul post so I am back again today with a July 2020 clothing haul. I love doing these posts and sharing everything I’ve bought however this time over on my Instagram @beingbeth_ I have created my first IGTV video linked to this post so this contains all the clothes in this post so you are able to view the clothes in a different format. I would love any feedback you may have and also let me know if you would like to see more content like this. Let’s get started with the first item of clothing I bought.

Khaki Knot Front Shirt

Over the past couple of weeks, I really wanted a shirt which I could wear just over the top of vest tops just as a little cover up for when it’s a bit cooler but not cold enough for a jacket. I then found this on Topshop, and it was perfect, I was a little unsure on sizing especially as it was oversized at first, I wasn’t too sure as it looked huge however it was perfect. I would recommend if you want more of a tighter fit to size down when buying.
Size = 8
Colour = Khaki
Price = was £22.99, now £20 in sale
Shop = Topshop
Click here to view item

Mom Jeans

For months I have wanted to get a new pair of jeans as I have just been wearing the same skinny jeans all the time. Years ago I had a pair of pretty much the same mom jeans that I just bought from Topshop, for some reason I never bought a new pair once I grew out of them so I thought it’s about time I changed this! These jeans are so comfortable and flattering I have no idea why I did not buy them any sooner so if your looking for a pair of mom jeans definitely check out Topshop, they have lots of lovely pairs.
Colour = Bleach denim
Price = £40
Shop = Topshop
Click here to view item

Smocked Puff Sleeve Top

Buying tops is always the issue for me I can never find tops which I like I would always go through websites and think I couldn’t never wear any of it as it shows too much skin, it wouldn’t suit me and I’m not confident enough to wear this. This is why for months I would not buy any new clothes, but I wanted to change that mindset, so I’ve been ordering a range of new clothes. Puff sleeve tops I would not usually buy as I thought they would look way to big for my body however I was wrong I love this new top so much. I love the detailing on the sleeves, and I have had so many compliments about this top over on my Instagram @beingbeth_
Size = 8
Colour = white
Price = £12.99
Shop = H&M Click here to view item

Smocked Top

I have found so many lovely tops on H&M in the past month especially this smocked top. I love the pattern and especially the high neckline at the front and then the low back I think is perfect for summer so I have been wearing this constantly over the past month. There are three more colours of these tops so I think I will definitely be looking to buy some more.
Size = 8
Colour = white
Price = £9.99
Shop = H&M Click here to view item

Denim Paper Bag Shorts

If I’m completely honest I haven’t bought a new pair of shorts in over 3 years I always stick to my normal dark denim. I am always drawn to dark clothes whenever I am shopping but I really wanted to add some neutrals into my wardrobe and just in general brighten up my wardrobe. These shorts are honestly my favourite purchase they are so comfortable, and they are the perfect length.
Size = 8
Colour = light pink
Price = £19.99
Shop = H&M Click here to view item

Mid Stone Oversized Denim Jacket

The last thing I bought was this denim jacket. I have always loved denim jackets I now have three in my wardrobe but this one was the perfect addition for my wardrobe. I needed a thinner coat to wear during the summer and this is just perfect it is not oversized like my other two and it fits really nicely. Plus this was in the sale so I just had to order it!
Size = 8
Colour = white
Price = was £35.99, now £28.79 in sale
Shop = Topshop Click here to view item

When purchasing most of these items I used a student discount usually from UNIDAYS so make sure you check that out before you buy. As well, I highly recommend using Quidco or any other cashback service (note: cashback may not work when using a discount code so check the terms and conditions first)

Thank you so much for reading I’d love to know any feedback on the new content over on my Instagram. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe if you would like to get notified when new blog posts are published!

I hope you have a lovely week and I’ll see you next Sunday with a new post

Beth x

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