Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner – Review

Cleaning my makeup brushes is a task I always dread and I always put off however since I got this product it made the job a lot easier. When I was looking at getting this product I was searching for reviews to read to see if it was worth spending the money, however I really struggled to find out the information I wanted to know. I put a poll over on my instagram @beingbeth_ and the majority of responses said they would be interested in reading a review so here it is!
Whats in the box?

  1. Bowl and the neck of the bowl (black lid shown in picture)
  2. The stylpro device
  3. Brush holders
  4. x2 sachets of makeup cleanser

Using this product is very simple which I have vaguely outlined below (more details in the manual) :

  1. Fill the bowl with soap and water or the cleanser provided
  2. Attach the brush to be cleaned to one of the brush holders
  3. Attach the brush holder to the Stylpro device and place in the bowl
  4. Turn on the device and lower the brush into the liquid
  5. Regularly move the brush in and out of the liquid
  6. Once clean lift the brush out of the liquid and spin to let dry

Using the Stylpro to clean my brushes has saved me so much time, smaller brushes are cleaned within 30 seconds and dry very quickly. The drying of the brushes is one of the best parts of this device, waiting hours for your brushes to dry is never good especially if you need them the same day whereas with this device they can be used instantly. Now for the things I find not as great, so not all of my brushes fit into the brush holders provided so some brushes I still need to wash my usual way. This is frustrating because it seems to be the bigger brushes which don’t fit, however I believe you are able to buy extra brush holders separately but then again this is an extra cost so I decided against doing this especially since it would only be for 2 brushes.

My only other negative is washing bigger brushes such as my foundation brush, with this product I’ve found it is hard to clean the inner bristles which are covered in foundation. Therefore I have to also use my Real techniques cleansing pad to finish cleaning the brushes by hand. Overall I’d definitely recommend this product if you are tired of constantly washing your brushes by hand and waiting hours for them to dry

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Beth x

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