Lockdown Clothing Haul

Hey everyone,
Every couple of months I’m going to create a series of hauls with the clothes that I buy over those months. I have always found these type of posts/videos interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. This is an overall lockdown haul as I have bought quite a few things over the past few months.
At the beginning of lockdown I came to the realisation that I basically had no summer clothes for this year which was not good considering how we are suddenly starting to have very hot weather so my mission was to finally find some summer clothes. I am extremely picky when it comes to clothes so trust me this was not easy!

Smocked Square-Neck Crop Top

I really wanted to find just a simple vest top which would keep me cool in the summer but also be able to be worn when its a bit cooler with a jacket over the top. After searching for hours I finally found this top on Hollister this is not somewhere I usually would shop but this top was perfect its good quality and a stretchy material so it is very comfortable to wear. It is a very versatile top which can be worn with many other items such as shorts, skirts, jeans and denim jackets. Another great thing is there are a range of different colours ( 9 in total ) which you can buy click the link below the images if you would be interested.
Size = S
Colour = Blue
Price = £20
Shop = Hollister

Click here to view the item

Stretch Belted Denim Mini Dress

For years I have wanted a denim dress but I could never find one I liked then I stumbled across this it’s just a simple denim dress with a denim belt. This can be styled in so many ways and worn throughout the entire year by simply adding a top underneath. I’m planning on doing a post all about my outfits throughout the year so keep an eye out for that!
Size = M
Price = £39 – down to £31.20 in sale
Shop = Hollister

Click here to view the item

Solid Lettuce Trim Drawstring Top

These two tops were the items I was most worried about getting delivered because across social media I have seen mixed reviews about Shein especially about the sizing however luckily both fit perfectly. Lately I’ve been loving the drawstring style so I ordered a black and burgundy the string is adjustable so you can alter the length of the crop this is very helpful especially if one day you want to be a bit more covered up. These tops can be styled in so many different ways so definitely a wardrobe must have.
Size = S
Colour = Black + Burgundy
Price = £5.49
Shop = Shein

Click here to view the item (Burgundy)
Click here to view the item (Black)

Ribbed Top

Whilst searching for new clothes I saw a top like this one but it was from Hollister, I loved it however they no longer had my size in stock so I did some more looking and found a similar top but on H&M £10 less than the one I looked at on Hollister. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about the fabric as it was stretchy and wasn’t a fabric I would usually buy however after trying it on it was very comfortable and due to it being plain black it goes with everything.
Size = S
Colour = black
Price = £9.99
Shop = H&M

Click here to view the item

Nike women’s fast 7inch Shorts’

I have starting running nearly every other day which for me is crazy as I never usually enjoy exercise. I talk more about how I built myself up to exercise the way I do now in a a previous blog post click here to view it. Therefore I needed something comfortable to wear and also practical this is why I bought the ‘Nike women’s fast 7inch Shorts’. I was looking everywhere for a pair of leggings which had pockets as this would help me carry my phone when running this definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. However I then seen these shorts and thought they would be perfect as they have pockets in the side and also a zip compartment at the back which I’ve shown the images below. They are extremely comfortable and fit really well I’d really recommend them.
Size = S
Colour = Black/Reflective Silver
Price = £30
Shop = ProDirect Running

Click here to view the item

Boohoo sandals

Sandals aren’t something which I usually wear I’m more of a trainers kind of girl however with the weather lately I needed pair then I seen these in the sale on boohoo. They are really simple to style and comfortable to wear.
Price = £13.50 in sale
Shop = BooHoo

Click here to view the item

Dr Martens Blaire sandals

This was probably one of the items I was most excited to buy, for the past year I kept putting them off due to the price as I had other things to pay for. For example my car and everything that goes along with that. However since I’ve been furloughed from my job and no longer going uni until October I thought I’d finally treat myself and I’m so happy I did. They are comfortable however it does take a while to get them worn in so if you buy these you might experience some blisters but they are definitely worth it!
Price = £89
Shop = Office

Click here to view the item
When purchasing most of these items I used a student discount usually from UNIDAYS so make sure you check that out before you buy. As well I highly recommend using Quidco or any other cashback service (note: cashback may not work when using a discount code so check the terms and conditions first)
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Beth x

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