My Exercise Journey

I never was the kind of person who enjoyed sports at school I would much rather find anything else to do. I was also not part of any dance clubs when I was a child as this never really interested me. The most exercise I did was walking to and from school each day which used to take me 30 minutes each way. However due to now being stuck at home during this lock down I thought it was about time I started my journey to become healthier as a person.

I started by researching on YouTube all different types of exercise videos which I could use and thought I’d be able to actually commit to. Then I finally found the perfect videos for me by Pamela Reif if you need some simple and easy to follow workout videos to get you motivated I found this perfect! Another great thing is that on her Instagram page she uploads weekly workout plans for all different levels – beginners, 30 mins per day or 40 mins per day. At first I didn’t follow these plans as I just wanted to start at my own pace however I am definitely considering starting to follow these.

Click here to view her page

My routine when I first started these videos was:
Day 1 – Full body
Day 2 – Abs
Day 3 – Rest
Day 4 – Full body
Day 5 – Arms + core
Day 6 – Rest
Day 7 – Anything I felt like – mostly it was another full body

After following this routine for 3 weeks I really started to see a different in my body I felt so much stronger and fitter as I wouldn’t run out of breath as easily. I also could visually see a difference I was more toned which was my goal when starting these workouts. Regarding weight loss I did not see a difference in my weight due to this not being my aim when exercising I still ate the same foods like I did before then only thing I changed with my diet was eating more fruit than I had been.
After I got into the routine of working out I decided to start running. Before this I probably hadn’t ran since I was 16 which is about 3 years ago now. The first run was extremely tough I spent most of it speed walking as I didn’t want to push myself to far on the first run. After this I started going out every other day trying to run a little bit more every time eventually I was managing to run longer than I originally was. The most important part was not pushing myself too far straight away I gradually built up to running more at my own pace so that my body got used to it.
Here is some photos comparing my first run compared to my run once I had started to improve, I usually only compare the differences between the 1st and 2nd mile as the last mile is mainly just a brisk walk.

Beth x

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