L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation – Review

After years of using the same foundation I thought it was about time to make a change and try something new as I found my current foundation wasn’t sitting properly on my skin. After doing some research I decided to try the L’Oreal Paris True match Foundation, I have never used any makeup from this brand so I had no idea what to expect.

My skin is quite pale so I needed one of the lightest colours so I went with Porcelain. Due to ordering this online I was worried that I could have potentially chose the wrong colour however luckily once this got delivered I had picked the perfect match for my skin tone.

These pictures show my skin before any product has been applied to my face as you can see in the images my skin has quite a lot of freckles, redness and breakouts which the foundation needs to be able to cover. For this review I am not going to apply any extra products such as primer before I apply the foundation so that the application and overall review is only on the foundation itself. 

This foundation includes SPF 17 this is something I always look for when buying a foundation especially in the summer to protect my skin for the sun.

Throughout the day the foundation does stay on quite well however around the T-zone where I tend to get more oily, as the day goes on it does start to become a little patchy in this area. However overall it gives a good amount of coverage throughout the day. Below is my images after applying this product as you can see if you click on the pictures my skin tone is a lot more even from using the foundation and most of my breakouts are covered. However I think concealer is definitely needed in order to help cover up some of the more obvious breakouts and redness. 

Click here to view the foundation on Boots I would recommend looking on a range of different websites as there could potentially be offers so you could get it cheaper and also if you are a student make sure to check if any student discounts are available. 

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